Partner Success Stories

The Mold Exterm System in Action ...

I moved into my new home and got hit with Irene two days later. My basement flooded and quickly developed mold, which I am allergic.

I called several “mold specialists” and was greeted with scar tactics and high quotes. Jerry from MoldCure Pro was recommended to me by a family member. His demeanor and kindness were immediately apparent, he was there to consult and educate you. He did not scare me but put me at ease. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and ethical, Jerry is dependable, showing up every time I needed him. I can easily say after doing my research, that MoldCure Pro and Jerry is the best…

Tracy D.
Mendham, NJ

Last Fall we turned to Pest Management Services to help us resolve a mold problem in our basement. After studying the materials describing the MM1-MM2 Treatment System, we decided it was the best solution. The team that applied the treatment and installed our dehumidifier was thoroughly professional and explained the process step by step. Almost immediately we noticed a distinct improvement in the air quality. Our basement smelled clean and felt better. Now, a few months later all signs of mold have vanished. We're thoroughly satisfied with the MM1- MM2 treatment and the customer services at Pest Management.



I was so pleased with the service provided from your company , I had to share my pleasant experience with others. From my 1st phone call to Mike, to my final inspection. Ozane/ was professional, honest , neat and thorough through the entire ordeal. After Hurriciane Irene nearly destroyed my finished basement, it is now even better than back to normal. Within 2 days the basement was totally dehumidified and ready for renovation. The service was quick and impeccable even during the craziness of the storm, Many companies had answering services or didn't even offer a call back. . While they thoroughly examined my couch, they returned a GOLD bracelet to me that I had thought was lost. I was extremely touched by their honesty. I would highly recommend Ozane/ for all their services.

Iris Froehlich



After Scott finished the treatment, it was as if the mold was never there-the eave space is completely clean and dry, and as a surprise bonus, my wife’s year-round allergy symptoms subsided the very same evening Scott completed his treatment.

I absolutely recommend JP Pest Services for their mold remediation services-they did a fantastic job, as though the mold was never even their-and their pricing is EXTREMELY competitive. If you have a mold problem in your house and are worried about the cost of treatment, don’t wait any longer, give Scott at JP Pest Services a call!

Damian Carlson, Co-Owner, Hollis Veterinary Hospital LLC