• Enhance your ability to close sales in homes affected by mold.
• Our technology works immediately allowing to quickly solve a mold problem so closings aren't delayed
• Create a healthier living environment for your buyers
• More cost effective. Less dismantling and replacement of building materials saving money for sellers
• Kills and prevents mold growth
• 5 year warranty


• Reduced Liability
• Peace of mind for your homebuyers that mold won't be a concern
• Dehumidifier(energy star listed) installed immediately after dry-in can reduce nail pops and sheetrock cracks later on reducing costs
• 5 year warranty


• Removes a major source of allergens in home
• Significantly reduce allergy load on patient
• Reduce the amount of medications necessary to control symptoms and give patient the relief they need
• 5 year warranty


• A true long term anti-microbial option to offer to clients through a MoldExterm partner company
• A mechanical solution to high humidity situations where structural fixes or changes are too costly
• 5 year warranty